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Introduction of the new modules

The aim of the VKG 3.0 project is a new system for the diagnosis of vocal disorders, consisting of a new type of multi-line video camera and data processing software. The camera will allow to capture the vocal cords in a mode that detects their movement in several places at the same time, so the expert will have better idea of the vocal behavior and thus the ability to effectively make the correct diagnosis.

The software for the proposed multi-line camera will be developed with the emphasis on data interpretation, special care will be devoted to the intuitive visualization of captured data. There are several features computed for each scan line. A large number of such data would not allow effective evaluation. The software solves this problem by combining information from all rows, e. g. by taking the value from the row with the worse values.

Project timeline

April 2018

Project proposal submission

April 2018

January 2019

Start of project

January 2020

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January 2021

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December 2021

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December 2021

November 2022

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